• GitHub to Manage Pass Local Chapters


    Starting in 2018, with the help of Jeff Rouse (@JeffRoSQL) John Morehouse (@SqlrUs), and Chris Yates (@YatesSQL), I took over as a member of the leadership team for the Louisville SQL Server and Power BI User Group (LSUG). LSUG has been an active local chapter of Pass for the last decade with a current member count of 690 members. When we first started working with the administrative side of the chapter, we quickly realized how much effort it took to set up a meeting each month. We had decent support from the community as far as venue locations to hold the meetings, and an amazing sponsor (TekSystems). However, trying to find active speakers within the community, without burning out our local speaker group has been rather difficult. On top of that, the process once we found a speaker was rather cumbersome for both us and the speaker. We didn’t have a dedicated communication platform (Email, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and the majority was routed through on a member of the team causing a lot of info to be relayed.

  • Recap of Speaking at SQLSaturday Cincinnati

    On March 30, 2019, I had the privilege to speak at my first SQLSaturday event in Cincinnati. The topic I had chosen, I felt pretty good about. I had presented it a handful of times to local groups and the feedback, for the most part, was always positive. So I began the prep work needed to get ready. I built out multiple redundancies within my plan. Two laptops fully provisioned with the software needed to present the session, multiple sets of adapters in case something went wrong or I showed up and the type input was different than I expected, and finally I uploaded everything to GitHub in case of major failure. What I wasn’t prepared for, was that when I entered into presentation mode from within PowerPoint, that it would fry the input on the project system. Not once, but twice within two separate rooms.

  • An Epic Quest Or Box Office Bust!

    So, you’ve decided that you want to enter into the glorious field of Database Administration. You want to live, eat, and breath the SQL engine while slaying the monsters (Developers) that attempt to kill your system each and every day. Well, I can say from experience that it doesn’t come easily as one would think. While I won’t bore you with my life story, I will provide some of the things that have led to my success in my career.