Speaking at SQL Saturday Dallas

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Tomorrow morning I’ll jump on a plane to speak at my second SQL Saturday event this year. This has been an amazing year for personal growth and I couldn’t be more thankful to those who have helped me along the way. If you’re looking to get a better understanding of working with GitHub and will be attending SQL Saturday Dallas on June 1. Look for me in room 117 on the 1st floor at 3:45pm.

Session Abstract

Introduction To Github Duration: 60 minutes Level: Beginner Track: Application & Database Development Getting started with GitHub can at times be overwhelming. Especially when you’ve been working with other source control and project management systems your whole career. In this session, we will overview the below tasks to ensure your success with GitHub.

  • Initial setup of a Repository in GitHub.
  • Build Issue templates for new features, bugs, or custom tasks.
  • Securing the check-in/merge process to your root branch.
  • Integrating GitHub with other productivity tools to keep on top of changes.